Jesus Solana: Summer Time (I) Flickr Creative Commons

Jesus Solana: Summer Time (I) Flickr Creative Commons

No I am not talking about pounds or body fat.

I am talking about leaning down the 25% of things you might not enjoy on a day to day basis in your work.

If you have heard me speak or read other blog posts then you know that research shows that people that enjoy 75% or more are four times more likely to be successful at it.

Assuming you are in this category of highly successful people, there still may be 25% or more of your job that just isn’t for you.  There are basically two options: delegate or get lean.  If you can’t get somebody else to do it, then you might as well get efficient at it.

Look at some task you may not enjoy -something like expense reports. (Honestly, who likes those?)

Look at the process and figure out the steps and what slows it down.  Do you have to spend time searching for miscellaneous receipts in a wallet or briefcase? Are you habitually missing some receipts like for taxis?  Whatever it is try to lean down the process and make it easier.  You don’t have to be a six sigma black belt or efficiency expert.  Just figure out how to do it just a little bit faster each time.  Paul Akers, suggests just going for daily two second improvements or 2 second Lean.

Constant progress (even two seconds at a time) can make our work that much smoother and more enjoyable.