Ever feel like a loser?

You’re not alone. Even very successful people struggle with feeling like they are going to be “found out” to have little or no talent after all.

One CEO asked me if they were good enough to participate in a group with other CEOs. (Those other CEOs would have thought it was a joke that this CEO would have any doubt of being good enough. The CEO in question had a great track record of success.)

The host of a podcast for leaders of investment companies often asks guests “When was the last time you felt like a loser?” About half of these successful leaders reply that they often have feelings of being a loser or not having what it takes. 

It’s called imposter syndrome and if left unchecked it can mask talent, reduce ambition, negatively impact the good a person can do in the world, and increase personal suffering. Besides that, it’s not a big deal. 😊

If you have it, how to fix it?

First, realize it just seems to be part of the human condition. It is very common for people to not feel like they are good enough. You may never 100% be rid of it. But you CAN manage it. Just like a person manages BO by taking a shower every day.

Second, put good things in your head. Read positive reminders. Listen to affirming podcasts. Make some good mantras for yourself. 

Third, just ignore it and get moving. Like anything you fear, a good deal of imposter syndrome is in your mind and has little relationship to reality. Like a mirage, it will retreat if you start moving towards it.

Remember: you are fearfully and wonderfully made. If more people spent more time with that thought in their heads instead of filled with doubts, just imagine what the world would be like.