Over the past two weeks I have learned a lot of things, including:

Several start-ups have formed to commercialize private networks of satellites that are cheap to make and deploy. Some of the satellites are as small as a grilled cheese sandwich.

A new streaming service (backed by ex-Disney executives) called Struum is launching with the mission to “declutter” streaming services by allowing people to buy credits and watch the shows they want a la carte.

A company published results of their solid-state Lithium battery technology stating that their technology will increase the power density of Li batteries (primarily for EV cars and for wind turbines) by 2X. With it, an electric car would be hundreds of pounds lighter and/or go many more miles without a charge.

I don’t not tell you this to brag about my reading habits, but to remind you of the importance of focus.

I am in the business of helping leaders apply their business creativity, so keeping my eyes open for novel changes in technology and business models is critical.

What is critical for you to keep your eyes on?

Whatever it is, it is likely not going to be found in the normal news cycle. It will likely not be following the phrase “breaking news.”

The reticular activating system is a brain system that helps you notice what is important to you. If you are in the market for a JEEP Rubicon, you will see them everywhere. The system helps prime your mental pump to see what it needs to see. Use it to your advantage. Use it to see opportunities and solutions. Don’t junk it up with things that are unrelated to your higher goals.

Many things can consume our focus and attention, especially in a week as tumultuous as we just experienced.

Stay up to date on current events, but remember to not lose sight of all the other things happening that will truly determine the success of achieving your goals this year.