My Facebook account recently got compromised and I was notified that my account was immediately and permanently disconnected.  So far, it appears that there is no appeal to this decision.

Even though I do not use Facebook often, this feels like a big loss. I value the connections that I have on Facebook and enjoy being able to keep up with what family and friends are doing in between phone calls, texts, and visits.

Feelings of connection are an essential part of successful living. People that report that they have a best friend at work are more likely to report high levels of engagement with their jobs. I wonder how much road rage is a result of people not feeling connected with others in a meaningful way.

The more people feel connected to you as a leader, the more they will put in their best effort. Engagement is the degree to which people are willing to give their discretionary (best) effort. Leaders that do not maintain healthy connections with their team are unlikely to get that level of effort. And discretionary effort is the only real pathway to excellence in business or any endeavor.

Leaders can generate connection by:

  • Sharing their authentic passion for the work/vision/industry
  • Demonstrating their interest in the growth of each individual on the team
  • Listening to the ideas, concerns, and insights from each team member
  • Creating experiences remind people that they are a valued part of the team
  • Etc.

Your team is looking to you to take the lead and show the way. Show them how much you value connection. It’s likely they too will be inspired to be that kind of strong connector to their teams and co-workers.