We have found a new house and I am currently surrounded by moving boxes in anticipation of moving day. Nobody likes to move, but the process of moving is an excellent reminder of key habits that can improve individual and leader performance. These include the following:

Hold on loosely. Do you still need that stuff? Any move reminds us that we have plenty of physical stuff that has served its purpose or no longer fits our needs. The same can be said of outmoded thinking, habits, and/or goals. It is good to jettison these frequently and consider anew. What do you absolutely need to drop and remove from your work and home life?

Get the most out of everything. Are you using the stuff you already have to your best advantage? As I went through stuff I found tons of useful books, manuals from old training sessions, and even some good exercise equipment I had forgotten I had. It was a good reminder to use those things that I had invested in previously and to get as much out of it that I could. What previous trainings, experiences, or resources can you revisit and see what else can be gleaned with new perspective?

Use the past to fuel the present. Are you remembering the right stuff? As I packed up, I ran into tons of photographs, cards and other items with sentimental or nostalgic value. It is easy to forget the precious past moments, people, and achievements that have made us the people we are. What is worth remembering that you sometimes may take for granted?

Search out new experiences. Are you keeping things fresh? Our new place is in the same city, but a completely new neighborhood. The move will force us into new orbits of activity and to investigate new things. It is healthy to keep things fresh. What can you do to keep yourself stimulated by new things and opportunities?

Find new connections. Do you know your neighbors? Of course, the new place has new people. This has already got us thinking how best to meet them and get relationships started. We like our old neighbors, but we are excited for the new connections we might make. Who have you met lately and in what ways can you update a refresh your networks?

There are many benefits to maintaining habits to move. The good news is that you don’t have to actually pack up to make it happen.