“Ready to connect…. ready to connect… ready to connect…”

So went the voice prompt from the Wi-Fi home surveillance cameras that Kim was adjusting before a trip.

That same message also could serve as a good reminder to leaders: your team is ready (and eager!) to connect with you.

When people feel a connection with their supervisor, they work harder, they work smarter and more creative energy is released. Lack of connection can throttle creative energies and put a drag on the business.

But connection is not just about getting to know the people on a personal basis. That’s really important, but does not automatically translate into better performance as a team.

Make meaningful connection by also getting to know:

  • what people are really good at and enjoy doing as it relates to work
  • their plans for the future
  • candid insights on what is working and what could be improved in the business
  • areas where they or the team need help to be even better at what they do

Your team is ready to connect. Make your move.