This past week, Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for re-election as Mayor of Chicago. This is a remarkable reversal for someone who won in a landslide four years ago. Last time around, she took all 50 wards. The people of Chicago gave her the opportunity to lead and she disappointed… BIG TIME.

She blew that opportunity to lead.

What about you? Are you making the most of your opportunity to lead?

Now, more than ever, people want competent leadership. Teams want leaders who are excellent at what they do, express their care for the people around them, and lead actions that people believe will get results.

If you ask them (and if they are honest), most people will say they are not living up to their potential. They could be more organized. They could be more assertive. They could be more active learners. They could speak up more.

The same question applies to leadership potential. Most leaders I know could be better at running meetings. They could be better at developing their people. They could be better at defining and applying their culture. They have MUCH more to give.

The ones that are great at leadership will have a great following. The ones that don’t, well they may have the title, but I doubt much leading is really happening.

Like that tree in the woods with nobody around to hear it, is a leader really a leader if nobody is following?

So, keep pushing. Make the most of your opportunity. It is a privilege to lead. Make the most of it. Squeeze the most out of yourself AND the finite time you have to do this honorable work.

Decide today. Step up to be a standout.