Sometimes lost in the shadow of Halloween is All Saints Day. It is meant to be a day of remembrance for those special individuals who made significant contribution or sacrifice for their faith.

But there are saints outside of church too.

There are special people everywhere who help us on our path to success.

These special people might have helped us with things like: uncovering blind spots, encouraging us to persevere, inspiring us with their good attitudes and behaviors, sharing their experience, making a pivotal introduction, holding us accountable, or seeing more in us than we may have seen in ourselves at a point in time.

So take a moment to remember and appreciate those individuals who played a crucial part in your growth and success. They may have come from friends and family, but odds are that some of these people crossed your path at work. And if you look closely, you might see (and appreciate) some more.

If you have people like this, be thankful. If it is still possible, let them know what they mean to you. And then perhaps try and be that kind of person to someone else.