“Millionaire casual” – a CEO shared this word with me as the dress code for a resort she had gone to. I like that phrase, but I am not really sure what it means.

It reminded me of the “Values” you hear getting thrown around in companies. Excellence. Extreme Ownership. Commitment. Accountability. They all sound good (and they are), but as a single word or phrase, words are not clear.  They are subject to interpretation. The intent can get watered down.

Don’t stop with one-word descriptions of the culture you want to see in your team. Add in what you mean with concrete descriptions of behaviors and stories.

As a leader you should be able to tell at least one story or give one example for each of your company values. Make these stories personal. Make them from your own observed experience.

Words can inspire people to elevate their thinking and execute at a higher level. Take powerful words and add definition to them. They will mean more to people and they will see that you are using them intentionally to be a better leader. That in itself will speak volumes about you and what you expect from your team.