I love my discipline of listening to podcasts while I work out.

The combination gets me fired up, inspired and educated. It’s a GREAT way to start the day.

But recently, instead of a podcast, I went back to the music on my phone. It was like having some really good carbs (you, know like pizza, doughnuts, garlic knots, and beer!) after eating really healthy for a while.

It was a sugar rush of excitement. Turned out that I really missed my old friends: Journey, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Ted Nugent…  I had a GREAT workout. Plus I came away with lots of new ideas for articles and blogs. This is one of them!

I will still go back to my podcasts, but it was good to MIX IT UP. Turns out mixing it up is a good discipline too.

Keep things fresh. It will make you a better leader and better leaders make for better business.