Smart leaders delegate.  It is the only way to lead at a higher level and get more done.  The key question is evaluating when and if a staff member is ready to carry out the tasks that we want to shift to them.

Shifting responsibilities to a staff person that is not fully prepared can have significant adverse impacts on your business and might actually create more work than what existed in the first place.

Given the realities of a very complex global and multicultural world, leaders should be giving tools to their staff and actively evaluating readiness.  Many leaders already familiar with the benefits of improved global potential through cultural intelligence training will make that training an essential part of their staff development plans.  Smart leaders realize that CQ will help their work and also realize that to delegate, staff must also be on the same page.

CQ assessment and training of key staff has multiple benefits:

  • Identification of global potential among key staff members
  • Allow for a development plan with metrics for improvement over time
  • Shared language and expectations for approach

Leaders that want to multiply their influence will not only assess the top staff that can handle the tasks, but will also give them the tools to succeed.