Any week of headlines will be full of dire warnings. The last several weeks have been particularly alarming with all the news and speculation surrounding the corona virus. While the risks appear real to some very vulnerable populations, the response in many cases has been of over-reaction. What has been surprising is the sheer number of panicked people who have cleared the shelves of toilet paper.

Experts in survival and self-defense always caution against panic. Instead they highlight the fact that times of threat are the times we really need to keep our heads and stay disciplined. There are real threats out there and these need to be addressed, but don’t lose perspective and miss the fundamentals or get distracted from the key outcomes that you have planned for this year.

When there is trouble, passengers on planes and ships will look to the captain and crew for clues as to how concerned they should be. When your team looks around will they see a Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger or a Captain Francesco Schettino? One successfully landed a plane with 155 passengers in the Hudson River. The other pre-maturely abandoned ship ahead of passengers aboard the ill-fated Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy.