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Three Paths to Elevate Performance

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Leaders shouldn’t just manage their time, they should marshal their time. To marshal something means to bring people or things together and organize them so they can be used effectively. Marshaling focuses effort on things that are valuable. A person can have an orderly desk, immaculate inbox, be punctual to [...]


Productive Leaders Stay Real about Boundaries

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The men’s locker room at my gym is being renovated and all the lockers are unavailable. In the meantime, the front desk said they are taking bags and holding them in a locked office behind the desk. They tagged my bag and I was on my way. Nobody wasted time [...]


Getting Ridiculously Productive: Pre-vacation Speed

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Have you noticed how productive you can be when “under the gun?” Think about how much you got done before you went on your last vacation. If you are like most, you probably got more done in those last three days than in any other three days in the last [...]


3 Keys to Keeping your Competitive Edge

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To stay at the top of their game, the very best challenge themselves with variety. Golfers are in the gym. Football players are in yoga. Elite performers know they need the stimulation that  comes from variety to continue to raise their bar. It keeps the edge, but it also keeps [...]


5 Honesty Checks for Real Results

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Some people have an intention to get in better shape, but don’t realize the results they want. They bought the bowflex or joined the gym and still saw no change. Why is that? The answers to that question will also give insight into our intentions as leaders, whether we want [...]


Are Manufactured Problems Affecting Your Business?

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There's a facility in the US that has millions of mice in inventory. A researcher can buy a mouse with nearly any disease or genetic condition—from glaucoma to hepatitis to rheumatoid arthritis. Each mouse is a manufactured problem. Researchers buy these "mouse problems" so they can look for cures. Manufacturing [...]


Leaders Don’t Waste the View

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Taking time away from work allows us to recharge the batteries and spend quality time with those we love. Another enormous benefit from time away from the “grind” is perspective. Being out of the office and in different environs will almost always provide valuable perspective. That perspective can highlight true [...]


Success Markers

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Cairn (kern) noun, A mound of stone built as a memorial or landmark. If you spend any length of time out on remote trails you will see and appreciate cairns. They are left by kind souls to let us know we are on the right path or to advise of [...]


Investments to Make Investments

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Companies that have failed, struggled, or underperformed (like Kodak, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, FTD florists, etc.) will often attribute the results to not making the right innovation investments. But why did they not make the right investment decisions? Perhaps because they did not invest in the people [...]



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Why do people wave at strangers? You see this a lot between cars on country roads or from passengers of one cruise ship to the passengers of another cruise ship. I think it is because we want to be nice and have good relations with the people in the world [...]