The article below was written with the pandemic in mind, but since the recommendations still seem relevant, I thought I would repost this…

The next chapter of the global economy is unfolding. Many boats will be rising on the new tide, but not all organizations will enjoy the same level of success. And some could even get stuck in the troughs if they do not take the appropriate steps now.

Here’s what you and your team should be doing right now to make sure you can take full advantage of the coming changes.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive scan of the environment for things that you can learn from and leverage for your advantage. I suggest my clients use “STEP-T” when they conduct this scan. STEP-T stands for successes/failures, trends, events, process weaknesses, and technology. This scan will give you a holistic look at what it happening right now and where you might put some intensive effort.
  2. Re-evaluate your team. What new skills do they need? Can you develop them fast enough or well enough in the short-term? If not perhaps look at hiring in that talent or hiring a consultant to get those skills inside your organization quicker. Also consider if they are really engaged enough to get you where you need to go. The last couple years of disruption has left many people feeling detached from their work. Do the work necessary to get engagement back on track. Start with your key people and make sure their hearts and heads are in the game and that they are not thinking about taking another role.
  3. Set a 10x goal. Get thinking big again. If last year was great, super. Take a advantage of that momentum and see what you can do now. If last year was tough, regroup. Think about what you really could do to make a difference.

The season is changing. The long winter that gripped the economy is losing its grip. Today is a time for growth. But windows of opportunity do not stay propped open. Time is not your friend. It’s time to get going. Take a good look at what is happening. Get the very best talent around you. Get thinking big. And move.