Phoenix made the national news recently with story about a bunch of baptisms that were declared null and void by the Catholic Church because of the misuse of a pronoun.

I will leave the religious analysis to others, but as a regular joe it looks like an example of making the process more important than results.

Corporate bureaucracy does it too. Does it really matter if a salesperson logged all their sales activities in a CRM if they are not closing sales? If a team is hitting their goals, does it matter that everyone stays in their seat until 5 o’clock? Does it really matter if all the strategic planning steps are done, but the team doesn’t execute?

Of course, process matters, but leaders can’t forget to make sure results are being obtained.

Any fool can be busy. And people can fill up their calendar with all sorts of activities.

Be the leader who focuses on nurturing an environment where the expectation is that people should be working to create the most value for the organization in the shortest amount of time, however that process plays out.