You know I like to collect colorful words, phrases, and metaphors to make a point.

This one comes from Vic Valliere at CCS Presentation Systems:

“Everyone has red flags in their pockets.”

What this means is that every member of the team is here to help each other… and sometimes helping means pausing to state clearly what needs to be said.

The red flag is thrown in football when a coach wants to review a call …and I think he is the only one who can throw it.

Outside of the field, everyone needs to be able to “throw the flag” and speak up.

This might mean:

Taking a colleague aside and giving them some feedback on how they are showing up to the rest of the team.

Highlighting unintended consequences for planned changes or actions.

Stating that they are unclear about something even when nobody else seems to have any questions.

Pausing for some clear thinking and clear communication is essential. Don’t think you are being a good teammate by not taking the lead on clear communication.

It’s a healthy and essential habit if you and your team want to succeed like champions.

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