Ah yes, I remember it well.

The old musical Gigi features a song about an old couple remembering how they met. The husband’s memory is somewhat at odds with that of his wife (of course!), and yet, he insists that he “remembers it well.”  (If you have a moment, take a listen. It is a sweet little song.)

Now that many companies are bringing back workers, lots of memories are flooding back. People remember the commuting time, the wasteful meetings, and the other unfortunate attributes of corporate life.

What they may not remember are the good things: the energy, discipline, camaraderie, and friendships that only come from being together.

They may not remember that the positive feelings like togetherness, common purpose, mutual support, and optimism are contagious and can only come from interactions with others.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to help your team to remember the good. Create good opportunities for interaction and point out these benefits.

People cannot unsee the benefits of remote and hybrid work. But they may have forgotten the very positive and beneficial aspects that Zoom and Teams cannot replicate.

In my professional life I can remember great friends that I have made. I remember the interesting suppliers and customers. I remember seeing the  world differently after leadership retreats or attending trade shows with the team. I remember the satisfaction of working with a team to land some really big accounts. I remember the great experiences from being able to travel to places I may never have had the opportunity to get to. (For example, this country boy who went to college down the road from Dresden, Tennessee would never have dreamed he would be sent to Dresden, Germany on business.)

People can easily forget the benefits of being together. Start reminding them by being a leader who creates great experiences and is a positive person to be around. You will be remembered well.