Music is a powerful way to get in the right mindset for success.  Songs can also give us a powerful (and fun) reminder of how to be our best at work and home. Below are five of the greats.

“It’s Long Way to the Top (if you want to rock and roll)”, AC/DC.  It can take a long time for success (even if other people are making it look easy).  Keep working at the important things.

“Know your Enemy”, Green Day.  In the song, the enemy is silence and (putting aside the call for revolution) is a great message about knowing what unseen things are dragging you down.  Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and get derailed by things like poor assumptions, over-active inner critic, underdeveloped interpersonal skills, etc..  Step one to improving performance is knowing what might lead to performing less than your best.

“Be Good to Yourself (when nobody else will)”, Journey.  Be nice to yourself.  Give yourself the right kind of self-talk.  Don’t beat yourself up for failures. Give yourself breaks and opportunities to rejuvenate.  You will perform better and likely be a much better person to be around.

“It’s a Beautiful Day”, U2.   Have gratitude for the day we have in front of us today.  Don’t worry too much about yesterday or tomorrow and focus on what is going on right here and now.

“Don’t Bring me Down”, Electric Light Orchestra.  Don’t let others’ negativity get in your way. Help them get rid of it or minimize the amount of time you spend with those negative people.  Also be sure that you are not the one bringing others down. Resolve to be a positive force.

What are some other songs that you have found help you perform at your best? One of my other favorites is “The Cape” by Guy Clark – a great story about taking leaps of faith. Worth a listen.