A senior leader of a Fortune 500 company introduced me to the concept of “exit velocity.” In his organization,  a team is creating exit velocity when their business unit is performing so well compared to other business units in the organization that it no longer looks like it “fits” with the core business. Business units that hit this exceptional level of performance are often packaged up for a spin off to be a new independent company.

The idea of hitting an “exit velocity” and creating a high amount of value in a short amount of time is extremely motivating to this leader and his team. It keeps morale high. It keeps them aligned and focused.

How about you and your team? Are you excited about the amount of value that you can create together? How well are you organized to achieve those things that you care about the most?

Never underestimate that motivating power of setting people up to win big. It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large. People always want to be part of something positive and impactful.

“Setting people up to win big.” …Not a bad job description if you think about it.