How quickly do you and your team get after new opportunities? Ever experience analysis paralysis? Procrastination?

Here’s my take:

Do you have a dream?

Start now.

Do you have an idea to improve the results you are getting?

Start now.

Do you have thoughts that, if put into action, would improve your team culture, team, products, services, processes, relationships, impact, community, results, or yourself? Of course you do.

Start now.

The quote below is from a local gym that me and my wife frequent. The owner started the gym with one or two members a year ago. Now the classes are packed and she is adding even more classes to accommodate the growth. I am sure it was not easy.

“No matter what the endeavor, a year from now you will be glad that you started today.”

I am a glad the owner started her business. She is better for it. The community is better for it. We are better for it.

I am sure you have an idea that would improve your condition. Pursuing that idea will be good for you and those around you. Be bold and move forward. Take action now. You will be glad you did.

Are there high value pursuits that you have not gotten around to starting? What would be possible if you took a decisive step today?