For many, the pandemic exacerbated a pre-existing condition: feeling drained because of demanding jobs.

As you (hopefully) take a break today because of Labor Day, consider these suggestions from a group of actual CEOs who recently made a list of what they do to keep their energy high over time.

  • Focus on what you can control (and don’t worry so much about what you cannot)
  • Get out of your environment (travel someplace)
  • Work on improving yourself in some way
  • Focus on what you are good at to get a sense of positive accomplishment
  • Take a break to force a reset
  • Get outside inspiration/experiences
  • Practice perspective
  • Focus on the basics: movement, diet, recovery
  • Have an outlet (hobby or passion)
  • Schedule your vacation in advance not when you can (or need it)
  • Disconnect for quiet time and journaling

These are all commonsense approaches. Have the discipline to be nice to yourself. When you do, you will be your best at home, at work, and over time.

…And just the thought of that energizes me.