One thing the Afghan withdrawal has highlighted is that the QUALITY of action matters. Most Americans agree that it needed to happen, but many are rightly critical of HOW it was done.

A CEO told me he has “tried everything” to improve sales, but his sales were still roughly the same over the last several years. There are only two possibilities:

  • he still has not found the correct actions to take


  • the actions he has taken have not been done well enough to make a difference

It is possible his issue might be due to the former. But I think it is highly likely that some of the stagnation is due to the latter.

Is the exercise regimen the problem or is the person not training consistently enough and with the enough intensity?

Cut off enough corners and soon we will be circling back to where we were.

As you seek to improve your organization, don’t simply look for new things to try. Confirm that the things you have selected to do are actually being done well.