Those of you who have worked with me will likely be familiar with Tim Gallwey’s performance formula. His simple, but insightful formula is that our performance equals our potential minus our interferences. It basically means we all have potential, but that might show up, but ONLY if we manage things that might derail us.

I have used that simple formula with leaders in locations as exotic as Pakistan and it still resonates.

A tennis player with great potential can psych themselves out on a serve. A potentially great leader may look like a mediocre performer if they are lousy at time management.

Yet conditions have changed dramatically and it is likely that you have changed too.

What do you think of your potential now? Do you feel that you have more potential than in the past? How so? Have you learned some new skills? Have you garnered some new insights about yourself and environment? Have you become aware of new opportunities?

How about new or lingering interferences? Are potential interferences different than what they once were? Are there still some old ones hanging around like guests staying too long after the party is over? Are you distracted by the new office location or working environment? Taking on more than you should? Diving into the weeds of every project? Ignoring things that you ought to attend to?

Take a minute to take stock of your current potential and interferences. The formula for success remains constant, but you may come up with new answers for how to get there given where you are today.