Do you want to really thrive and the absolutely best leader you can be? Stack the odds in your favor with layers of supportive success systems.

The human body has multiple layers of systems in place to keep the body in peak condition. White blood cells protect against microscopic invaders in the blood stream. The skin and a healthy biome of beneficial microbes keep things out. Chemicals in our brain like serotonin (released when we laugh or are happy) send invigorating messages throughout the body and help support all functions.

The human body does not rely on one singular system for success. Inspiring leaders shouldn’t either.

How strong are your success systems? Do you tend to rely on just a few? Do you tend to rely on just yourself?

One often over-looked success layer is having a peer learning group composed of leaders outside your organization. This means a group of people who come together to help support one another to accelerate leader growth and business results.

Some might call this a mastermind group, but just be careful that this is not just a group that brainstorms, socializes, or (worst!) commiserates together. To make the group worth the time, there must be a high degree of accountability.

The best peer groups are professionally run, but if you want to try and arrange one yourself, abide by these three rules:

  • Keep it synergistic. Make sure that the people in the group are peers to one another. If there is too big of a gap in experience or achievement then at some point some people will wonder about the value they are getting.
  • Keep it focused. Have a tight agenda that includes accountabilities.

The more supportive systems a person has in place, the more likely there are to stay resilient during setbacks and more likely to achieve their goals—and achieve them faster. Peer groups are an excellent (and often overlooked) kind of system.

Having teams around oneself is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. The very best athletes in the world still surround themselves with great resources to keep them at the very top of their game. Perhaps you should too.