A CEO shared his frustration regarding his organization’s results with this observation: “My leaders need to wear several hats. But the trouble is that they only end up wearing the hats that they like.”

There are two things that need to be addressed here: roles and fit.

First, roles need to be clear. Leaders need to know what outcomes you are expecting from any given role. At the end of the day what results will the person who fills this role own? (And I don’t mean the myriad tasks a person will do in a day. I mean outcomes like the number of qualified leads produced, satisfied customers, new product designs, or new clients on-boarded.)

Second, the people filling a role need to be able to deliver those results. And the ability to deliver those results is closely tied to enjoyment.  If people don’t enjoy doing the tasks or displaying the behaviors required to deliver the results, they will not be successful. If people skills, financial acumen, or organization are critical to success in a role, and the person in the role (or a candidate for the role) does not like those things, they will do those things poorly or avoid them.

Always be clear on roles and fit. Not only is it the fairest way to be with your team, but it is also a key strategy for improved business results.