At the end of a team building event, the leader of the team got emotional. It was a moving, raw moment. Several days later when we were debriefing and planning next steps, the leader asked me “was that ok?”

They were worried that they might have done something wrong.

No, it is not wrong to show emotion. Calling something “corporate” or describing someone as a “suit” is not a compliment. It means uncaring and unfeeling. Empty. Who wants to be associated with that?

The pandemic taught us a lot, and I think one of the key learnings is that we need to look at the whole person. Zoom helped in that sense because it allowed us a glimpse into an employee’s personal space. I love that I know several of my clients’ pets and some of their kids!

It’s more than ok to show we care. It’s a requirement. It does not mean we have to get emotional, but it’s ok if it does. We must be real.

Have the courage to bring your whole self to work. Your team will respect you for it.