Daily (sometimes even hourly) we are given the opportunity to choose a high road or a low road.

The high road (not to be confused with the easy road) is selected based on values and purpose.  The rewards of the high road include the feelings of fulfillment (not always joy) from living in alignment with values and purpose.

The low road (also not to be confused with the easy road) is selected based on everything but values and purpose. Selection drivers (not an exhaustive listing) for the low road include: fear, unconsciousness, habit, external pressure, greed, victimization, lack of energy.  The rewards of the low road include feelings of satisfaction from simplification, satisfying others, numbness, and giving up responsibility.

In work we are presented with the road choice in a variety of ways.  If/how we speak up.  If/how we interact with others.  If/how we react to the environment.  If/how we consciously decide.   If/how we prioritize our time.  If/how we choose to respond to challenge.

I am continuously impressed by the high road choices of the many leaders that I interact with.  The high road choices seem to strengthen an internal muscle that further activates confidence, clarity and good decision making.

What high road decisions have you faced recently?  What was the impact of your choice on yourself and others?  Are there low road decisions that you can turn into high road decisions?