We had a GREAT two weeks in the south of France. (For me, that phrase does NOT get old!) But on the return home, we had many delays, technical snafus, and logistical hurdles to overcome.

It all worked out, but success required two ingredients: team and technology.

My “team” in this example was Kim. She is a GREAT travel buddy. The two of us could divide up tasks to look up options for delayed flights. We relied on each other as a second pair of hands, eyes, and ears to make sure we were in the right place at the right time. We could even stand in for each other when there was a line. Being together also kept us focused and in good spirits.

Technology was also key. We relied on a variety of travel apps and websites so we could stay nimble in changing flights, arranging transportation, and getting new hotels.

This combo of team and tech kept us moving and ahead of the crowds competing for flights and hotels.

Success at work is very similar, you need a great team with great tech to stay ahead.

The team needs to be aligned and working well together. And they need the latest tools to be efficient, including AI tools for improved workflows. If you are not educated on how AI can help you, you need to be working on that.

You can get where you want to go, but make sure you are doing everything you can for a great team and developing the right tools. Otherwise, you might be left standing on the proverbial sidewalk.