This week is the traditional time to encourage people to be thankful. I will not break with that tradition, except to encourage you to be thankful about something that may often go underappreciated by you—yourself.

What I am talking about is self-worth. Self-worth is having unconditional positive regard for ourselves.

Why in the world (this highly narcissistic, self-centered world) would I suggest that you spend more effort on increasing your self-worth?

There are two reasons.

–> First, high self-worth has a great stabilizing effect on our moods and assists with resiliency. And we need resiliency more than ever.

–> The second reason is somewhat counter-intuitive. High self-worth allows us to be less self-absorbed and more present.

Think of it like keeping the gas tank of a car filled up. When the tank is full, we hardly look at the gas gauge. When the tank is low, the thought of not having enough is on our mind and we check the gauge more often. When it is really low, that is the only thing we can think about.

The same if true about self-worth, the lower it is, the more we think about what we are lacking and the more we miss out on.

A preoccupation with what we are lacking can get in the way of seeing opportunities, hearing what people are saying, and even tapping into our potential in the moment.

So take a moment and think about what is great about you. Are you funny? A finisher? Loyal? Creative? Musical? Are you dependable? Adventurous? Athletic?

Now think about what would be different if you were to show up in your daily life full to the brim with self-worth. It is likely you will be more present in the moment and much more at ease with others.

This Thanksgiving, please be incredibly grateful for all the many blessings that you enjoy. In addition, take a moment and appreciate yourself. It will help you enjoy all those other blessings even more.