Anyone can make money when markets are great. The worst poker players still do well if they have all the best cards. The same can be said of leaders. It’s easy to look like a great leader when factors affecting business are predictable and the money is just rolling in. But that is not the case for a large number or organizations now. Now is the time for leaders to really show what they are made of.

Will leaders shrink or expand? Will leaders tinker with issues or tackle them? Will they cave or create?

Challenge highlights true talent. Would Winston Churchill have ever be considered more than a clever wordsmith without the existential challenge of WW2 to display his true capacity?

Now is NOT the time to be reckless (there ARE real risks out there), but the times are issuing a stark invitation to be BOLD. This means making plans quickly and taking action. It means being disciplined enough to carve out time to elevate your business and not just react to changes. It means digging deep into our vault of creativity. It means chucking away any patterns of thinking or behavior that have slowed us down in the past. It means reaching out for help, unashamedly.

The “Chinese curse” of wishing someone to “live in interesting times” seems to be upon us. We can take it as a sign of doom, or as an opportunity to find out who we really are. I would suggest the latter.


One area that always requires the boldness of leaders is CULTURE. Peter Drucker was right when he observed that culture eats strategy for breakfast. But what can nibble way at culture?? IN THIS VIDEO I explain the key factor to creating and supporting an innovation culture that lasts.