It’s not enough to have a great idea. Great ideas only matter if you can move fast enough to make them matter.

As of this writing, the US has vaccinated 34 out of 100 residents. The UK has vaccinated 40 out of 100.

By contrast the EU has only vaccinated 12 out of 100 residents. My colleagues in Canada tell me they will not get their first shot until this summer and will have to wait another four months after that for the second shot.

Why the stark difference? The jury is still out, but most fingers today are pointing at government bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy can cause damage in organizations too.

Bureaucracy can dumb down great ideas. It can slow down an idea until it is worthless because the window of opportunity has closed.

Don’t make all the ideas for an organization go through a convoluted process. Maximize the empowerment of your people so that they can make the decisions that can improve the quality of their work.

Great boxers don’t just hit hard, they hit fast.

Don’t let anything slow down your team. If your bureaucracy might get in the way, use your organizational savvy to work around it and provide necessary cover. If your organization is small and YOU might be slowing things down, then learn how to master your time and how to master delegation.

Now is a time of great opportunity and growth. Don’t let the competition get ahead of you merely because you lacked the will to move faster.