One of my favorite quotes is “Discipline equals freedom” (from Jocko Willink).

As a leader you must be disciplined to focus on the few things that will help the team win.

Instead of focusing on what is wrong and not working, focus on what must be in place. The former is a long list. The latter is a short list.

Instead of trying to appeal to every possible kind of customer, narrow your focus in order that your company delivers the most value to an ideal customer. Trying to please everyone, only ensures no one is happy.

Instead of trying to “fill the position” maintain your standards until you find the right fit. Hiring slow and firing fast has less problems than the opposite.

Decide to have the discipline to focus on what you want. Identify the ways to get there. Refuse to drift off course from your objective.

You will find that the discipline of focus will unleash creativity to solve any obstacle you and the team may encounter. Keep your focus. Perhaps counterintuitively, you will find that it will open up more opportunities.

…And check out my FIT Alignment Framework. This handy visual will help you and the team stay aligned and on the right path.