There are some things that can be deferred with little to no consequence: lawn chores, washing a car, missing a recycle day, etc.

There are some things that are advantageous to defer. You might defer income to a future tax year for tax planning.

BUT there are a host of things that should be on your “Do Not Defer” list. The items on this list have values that need to be realized quickly and should not be deferred to some future date.

Do not defer happiness. We need to find the joy in today. What other days do you have?

Do not defer tough decisions. There will not smell better over time.

Do not defer acknowledgement. Let people know what they have meant and do mean to you while you have the opportunity.

Do not defer raising your bar. We are never too busy to improve. Busy is not an excuse to stagnate.

Do not defer vacations/significant experiences. “Someday island” is the worst destination ever. And the retired person who passes away or gets an illness before they can finally take that big trip seems to happen so often it is nearly a cliché.

Do not defer. In most situations it is nearly always the best course.