tore-skogheim-66279 resizeThere is a common misconception that there is some sort of ideal leader.  Just as there are no ideal ducks, there are no ideal leaders.  There are lots of ways to be a successful duck and lots of ways to be a successful leader.

There are things that generally make for good ducks: buoyancy, flight and weather-proofing.  Some ducks dabble (feed on the surface) and some ducks dive for their food.  Likewise, there are things that make for good leaders: ability to engage others, articulate a vision, and select/develop a team to get a job done.  A Steve Jobs is a wildly different duck/leader compared to a Jack Welch.  Both are esteemed as effective leadership examples.

So jettison the notion that there is an ideal leader profile.  The only ideal that matters is the leadership style that you aspire to and that is effective.


  • Understand the basics of leadership
  • Look for signs of your leadership effectiveness/ineffectiveness
  • Adjust/adapt to the needs of the situation


  • Make excuses that you are some fixed quantity that cannot change
  • Feel compelled to fit a particular mold