Success requires a start, but it is the ending by which we are judged. High-speed fiber internet connections between big transmission hubs do not matter if the “last mile” connections to customers are slow. A calm sea voyage of a hundred miles does not  matter if the ship ends up on a sand bar outside the harbor. The gymnast who sticks the landing gets the most points.

But how to ensure a strong finish?

There are two factors leaders need to be aware of: propensity to plan and propensity to move. If leaders have a high propensity to move, but a low propensity to plan, then motion becomes the goal and they may end up wrecked. If leaders have a high propensity to plan and low propensity to move, then planning becomes the goal and they may end up stalled out. The combination of the two (high planning and high movement) can set the stage for a triumphant arrival.

If the leader (or team) appears to be doing both (planning and movement) and still not getting the results they want, then they must look at whether 1) plan quality is up to snuff or 2) if they are as adept at the skills required to execute as they need they need to be.

Not getting high value initiatives done as well as you would like? Perhaps look at these fundamental pieces and see where your diagnosis leads you. It’s a good place to start.