Do you play to win?

This might seem like a snarky question. It’s not. Of course, you want to win.

But some teams just don’t act like they want the results as much as they seem to enjoy getting caught up in the details.

Teams can get busy. Crazy busy. But busy doesn’t mean results. Any fool can be busy. I know because I can fall into the same trap myself!

To stay out of that trap, do this:

Step 1: Ask: What results do you want from yourself and your team? (Examples: more sales, higher production, better profits, better customer service…etc.)

Step 2: Ask yourself: What must be in place that would make that result INEVITABLE? (If more sales is the objective, then you might answer: systems to bring in 100 quality leads per month, train our sales team so they can close 85% or more of leads, the best financing options in place to facilitate the purchase, etc.)

Getting very focused on 1) the results you want and 2) the actions most likely to get you those results makes things much simpler. Now the only question is: Did you execute them well enough to get the results?

If the answer to that question is YES and you still did not get the results you wanted, then you might not know the right actions to take and therefore need to get outside help. In this example, that might mean hiring a sales coach or a Business Development consultant. (Or asking a trusted peer what works for them.)

Picking a winning strategy isn’t complicated. And the best ones are usually simple and easy to understand.

If it doesn’t work, keep working to find what will.