It is ironic that the times when we most need internal resources (e.g. creativity, perspective, drive, vision, resolve) are often times when our access to those resources can be most impeded.  I think of this disparity as the Zone of Irony.

Common situations include:

-major changes/loss in our private lives

-career transitions/set backs

-the ongoing grind of work

The diagram below highlights the irony and the essential need for performance habits.  Performance habits are those things that help keep us tuned up and ready to perform. Effective performance habits will vary by person.  Areas of effective performance habits include physical (e.g. strength training, walking/jogging), emotional (e.g. positive self-talk, appropriate social interaction) and fulfillment (e.g. artistic expression, writing or contribution to others).  Proactive selection and regular application are critical to either stay out of or get out of the zone of irony.

Performance habits can be thought of as both an inoculation and a boost to the immune system to get a person back on track. If you find yourself in that zone, get back to or pick up some new, refreshing habits.