Being positive is the most powerful way to get the best out of others, whether you are the leader or part of the team. Here’s why:

Being positive gives permission.  Being positive makes people sit up and take notice.  Being positive gives space for people to step in and be their best.

Being positive evokes others to be their best.  Being positive is provocative and will evoke a response in others. Their response will be a reflection of their best self.

Being positive is contagious.  Once a person starts with positive, others will be more positive in their interactions with others.  Negativity is contagious too.  Which do you want to catch on?

More than positive.  Now replace each instance above of “being positive” with “being your best self.”  Being positive is an essential part of being your best.  Being positive is not the exclusive part of being your best. In addition to being positive, at your best you may be enforcing compassionately, listening deeply, stimulating big thinking, challenging assumptions, encouraging excellence, or a multitude of other behaviors.

Consider: When I was at my best I was doing/being X and others responded by doing/being Y.  Was there a positive result worth acknowledging?