Our pastor recently recommended people read the Serenity Prayer again.

While I am NOT trying to make any theological points here, I thought there is some wisdom that can apply to leaders and business too.

If you are not familiar with it, the Serenity Prayer asks for Serenity for the things we cannot change and the Courage to change the things we can.

The list of things a leader cannot change is long and includes things like:

  • Whether the economy will go into recession or not
  • Inflation
  • Cost of commodities
  • Risk of geopolitical instability and war

The list of things that a leader CAN change is also long and includes things like:

  • How they show up as a leader
  • Effectiveness of the team
  • Who is invited to be part of the team and who is not
  • Discipline to execute
  • Which strategic initiatives to implement
  • Components and application of an intentional culture
  • Steps to mitigate effects of recession

Don’t waste your time with those things that you cannot change. (And don’t let your team waste their time either.)

DO have the COURAGE to change the things you can.

That’s how great leaders will make this a great year. No matter what happens.