The downside of streaming video channels is that is some ways they are making it harder for people to see shows in which they might be interested. It seems like every new show requires another subscription.

Even some of my Alabama football games were streamed and access to watching those games would have required me to sign up for a free seven-day trial subscription to some unfamiliar streaming service. Does watching football really have to be that difficult?

As leaders, your job is to make success as easy as possible for your team.

Here are a few suggestions:

Make it easy to see if the team is winning or losing. This means setting up meaningful goals and metrics that are clear to everyone.

Make it easy to know if a person is doing a good job or not. Set up clear outcome-based job descriptions and hold regular performance reviews to make sure things are going as anticipated.

Make it easy to make improvements in the business. Start by letting the organizational know what a good idea looks like. Make sure people are trained on how to show ROI on an idea. Let them know what kind of improvements are most valuable to you now. For example, if more sales is not a priority now but operational efficiency is the key to success, communicate that clearly to the team.

These are just a few areas in which leaders can make things easier AND better. Running a great organization is challenging work. Don’t make it unnecessarily difficult. Create an organization in which it is easy to succeed.