The big news this week was about a breakthrough in harnessing energy from fusion.

While I understand it is early research, I would still like to understand the potential downsides.

Every upside has some cost. Every plan involves some difficulty to execute.

Fission (the current nuclear generation tech) produces long term nuclear waste.

Solar requires huge swathes of land for installations as well as lots of mining. (Plus I do not know if anyone has a real recycling plan for all the used panels and associated toxic metals.)

In your business, people will always come to you with a “great idea.” The great idea always includes the benefits. It is up to you to uncover the costs and disruption.

Costs might include direct costs like the cost of the equipment or software.

Disruption includes a frank description of what it will take to implement, like training the sales team or migrating customers to a new way to buy.

Help your team to flesh out the benefits of their ideas with estimates of costs and disruption. Better yet, teach them how to do it before they come to you.

US scientists produce first successful nuclear fusion reaction resulting in net energy gain | Fox News