The news has been disturbing and many of you are making changes at work while adapting to new changes at home.
Below are two thoughts that we should all keep in mind in the next couple weeks.

  1. Maintain your performance-enhancing disciplines. These include things like scheduling regular breaks for eating and breaks during busy workdays. These also include things that make you feel good and keep you in top physical and mental condition like yoga, biking, meditating, running, or your favorite workout (which you can probably do even without going to the gym.) And while we may have to be physically distant, it has never been easier to interact with people around the globe in real time. Use these tools to keep your social life healthy too.
  2. Remember that there is a difference being imposed strategic issues and selected strategic issues. Covid-19 is an imposed strategic issue. It needs to be addressed, but the winners will be decided by who can best deal with the imposed issue at hand and then get back to the strategic issues that were top of mind a couple weeks back. For some, the coronavirus is a windfall. For others, it is something to address then get back to the things that will really improve our organizations.

…And if you have a little introspection time, try this exercise and pick up a couple more habits to keep you at your best.

(NOTE: do not hesitate to contact me directly. I am making myself available to all current and past clients and people in my network…if you need my expertise or simply an outside perspective, just give me a call or email. I’m happy to help if I can.)