4536616288_0d4bb7b2e3_mWith the economy being what it was (and continues to be) many of clients still find themselves facing tough situations.

One common problem that I see  is that a sense of urgency of purpose does not reach everyone on the team.  The leader is often left to worry and wrestle with the larger issues in isolation.

Not every detail of the business needs to be shared with the team.  There are lots of concerns that are “above the pay grade” and need to stay with the leader.  But the real stuff: declining revenues, lower margins, increasing competition, disruptive alternatives to your services…these need to be addressed candidly and frankly.

Business success depends on directly addressing challenges.  Everyone knowing the facts will help create the sense of urgency that is often lacking in our teams.  Yes, times may be tough, but we cannot expect strong effort from our teams without them seeing the whole picture.  And we cannot expect effective response to these challenges without the help of our teams.