Sometimes leaders just need validation that they are on the right track. They don’t always need more advice or to be told what to do. They just need to trust themselves enough to move.

I had a tooth flare up on a Friday and made an appointment with my dentist for her next available appointment on a Tuesday. Saturday I was in agony and googling “weekend dentist.” I found a place but wasn’t sure if I should go and asked my wife. Before I could finish the sentence “do you think I should go?” she was saying YES and I was in the dental chair later that morning.

I was on the right track, but needed validation to move.

Do you have the trusting relationships in business to help you move? Validating your thinking with trusted others can be a game changer. It makes leaders smarter, more effective, and FASTER.

Using validation is also a leadership skill.

Are you giving more advice when what your team members really needs is validation? When people come to you don’t simply jump in and show what great answers you have. Ask them what they are thinking. If it looks good to you, then simply let them know they seem to be on the right track. THEY will be able to move quicker and YOU will have helped them to have more trust in themselves.

It does not need to be lonely at the top. And you do not need to work below your potential by insisting on going it alone.

Be the person that can both give and get validation. You will be the better leader for it.