Resources (money, time, etc.) may be in short supply, but leaders and teams have an unending supply of creativity.

Take a look at this little souvenir we got in Cozumel. It’s made from one coconut, which are everywhere across the Caribbean.


I have seen coconuts around the world and never thought to carve one into a hummingbird. But somebody did. All it took was some creativity, then BOOM they have a distinct product.

Creativity can be used to improve the things that matter in your business: the buyer experience, marketing ROI, sales of new and existing services, impact of culture… The list is endless.

You have infinite creativity. The key is to actively apply it.

Most leaders would agree with this.

But why don’t leaders and teams use their creativity more effectively?

Here are a few common reasons:

  • Excuses are more comfortable. (Ex. We don’t have a budget for that.)
  • Lack of excitement about the goals. (Ex. The company doesn’t care, they just want to squeeze more out of us.)
  • Low expectations. (Ex. What do you expect from me? I am just (fill in the blank) HR/frontline/new hire…)
  • No/low ownership. (Ex. Coming up with ways to improve is not my job.)
  • Conditioned apathy. (Ex. What’s the use in giving good ideas to improve? Nobody ever listens to them.)

Top leaders believe in and use their creativity — and they get their teams to do the same.

You may never have all the money and resources. You always have enough creativity to take your team and the business where it can go.