The Crossfit Championships are unique in that competitors have no clue as to what exercise challenges will be coming next. The activity, repetition ranges, weights, and duration are all secret until the last minute of competition. Some competitors are happy when they get an event that fits their wheelhouse. By contrast, Mat Fraser (a four-time Crossfit champion) says he trains everyday so that he does not have a wheelhouse—he wants to be ready for anything. He wants to be prepared enough that he can thrive in many unpredictable circumstances.

No leader knows exactly what is going to happen in a day, but they can predict that they will need certain capacities. They need to be well-rounded and ready for a variety of challenges. They cannot have glaring weaknesses in their game.

For example:

Leaders can anticipate that they will have long days with many demands, which requires stamina. Make sure you have and keep excellent performance habits that keep you in top shape mentally, emotionally and physically.

Leaders can anticipate they will have to make many decisions (or help others to do so), which requires speed. Make sure your day is focused on getting to the heart of things quickly and not tinkering around the fringes of issues (and especially those things that are not your issues).

Leaders can anticipate that they need to counter moves of competitors working hard to make them obsolete, which requires agility. Make sure you have time dedicated to looking out to the future and scanning for new opportunities in the environment with an open mind.

Leaders can anticipate that they cannot possibly achieve great things with poor or mediocre talent, which requires excellent teamwork with elite performers. Make sure you are working to have the best people working together in effective ways.

Leaders can anticipate they will need to drive for results which requires strength. Make sure you have the appropriate assertiveness and make sure you and others are focused on the highest value issues and don’t get de-railed.

No leader knows what a particular day will hold, but the very best will be prepared to display stamina, speed, agility, teamwork, and personal strength. Are you?


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