Some days we might wish we could just wake up and all the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 would be over.

Unfortunately, that’s a luxury few of us can afford. There are some tough challenges to handle in the short-term. But let’s not forget that there is a lot of good stuff going on right now, some on the other side of the world, some right under our noses. –And it’s important that we keep our eyes open for these good things.

Right now, researchers in Japan and around the world are hard at work making biological digital twins to help with medical care that is tailored to each individual. Having a comprehensive biological digital twin holds the promise of allowing doctors to alert them to conditions and testing out therapeutic options.

In remote northern Arizona, an enormous piece of art was carved out of the ground beneath an extinct volcano at Roden Crater. For decades, few had any clue that anything of great importance was happening out there, but now plans are in the works for a museum to make it accessible to the public and help the local economy.

Similarly, there are lots of good things happening inside and outside organizations. Take some time to take a look. Some will be merely interesting. Some may hold enormous promise to improve your products, processes, or ways to differentiate from the competition. But we won’t be ready to take advantage of them if we are not actively seeking them out, or by wishing this time away.


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