Think you are surrounded by opportunity? You are. Think you are surrounded by static, lasting opportunity? You aren’t.

Many leaders are in environments rich with targets of opportunity, but you would never know it from their actions. They fritter and fumble away opportunity. Why is that? Here are some reasons that come to mind:

They allow themselves to get too busy and trade a week of opportunity for a week of meetings.

They allow the worry about the comfort of direct reports to inhibit taking action.

They get comfortable with the status quo and do not want to shake things up.

They doubt their own ability and that of their team.

They allow doubt of benefits of action to delay them until they are right. (The benefits will have vanished, not because they never existed, but because the conditions that brought them up have changed.)

Their vision for themselves and for their team is too low or limiting.

Take a fresh look around. What opportunities do you see? What actions can you take to reel in those opportunities? Opportunities can be fleeting, but it does not mean leaders can’t be fast too.

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