16834544012_e6f95c4a8a_m“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We are surrounded by opportunities to have high quality impact on others. We often settle for transactions when we could be effecting transformations. Transformational work is what coaches do, but one does not need to be a coach to have a great impact on others.

Below are five habits to cultivate that will increase your ability to have a great impact on other people.

  1. Monitor your judgement. Do you have a constant stream of thought about how you compare to others or how others are not measuring up? That barrage of thoughts will push out seeing the potential in others. Seeing the potential in others is the first step to helping people realize their potential.
  2. Hold the mirror. Help people see their strengths and successes on a regular basis. Try starting some sentences with “what I like about you..” then sit back and watch. People light up.
  3. Solve fewer problems. Ask questions that will help people get thoughts out of their head. Resist the temptation to prescribe your two cents. People rarely take advice anyway. Most people already have perfectly good answers to their issues. The solutions are often buried under a weight of cluttered thinking. Help them dig out.
  4. Provoke people to the next step. Ask “so where do you go from here?” There is always a next possible step, no matter how small. Help people take that step.
  5. Decide to be a force for positive change with people. We have enough negativity and useless interactions in the world. Be something different. Set an intention to be on the lookout for opportunities to be transformational. Transactional is just boring.

Helping and encouraging is not only good for others, it can improve our own performance as well. Helping others increases self-esteem, which is a leading indicator of higher performance. Helping others with their transformations might just ignite some transformations in yourself.


[Photo Flickr creative commons]