Growth Leaders Essentials Series

What is Your Real Job as CEO?



DATE: March 3rd, 2021

TIME: 11am – noon MST


The answer is simple, your real job as CEO is to maximize your enterprise value. In fact, you should think of yourself as the CVO or Chief Value Officer. So, if that is your job, your success depends on your understanding of what drives business value.

Joel recently wrote a new book. It is entitled “CEO to CVO; Moving Your Company from Ordinary to Extraordinary”. The book, and this webinar, is about how as CEO you can successfully take on the role of the CVO and build a great company.

Why a great company? Because the source of great enterprise value is a great company. A great company is a sustainable, exciting, innovative, fun, valuable company. A company that provides you with the rewards you have worked for and deserve. It’s a “Gotta Have” company.

The webinar will introduce the concept of Strategic Value and other tools and rules for becoming an effective CVO.

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